Raging Bull.

  • 40 kW 3/1 phase diesel generator c/w posiGve air shutoff, variety of plug ins, 12” cable door.
  • 4000W hydraulic vertical light mast.
  • 4 x 400 W roof light on building provide 75ft perimeter light.
  • 8 yd garbage bin.
  • 2300 L double walled diesel tank c/w metered 20 GPM fuel pump and 1” hose for larger onsite fuel storage.
  • 2 heated bathrooms c/w touch less water supply and sink. Soap and sanitizer above sink.
  • First aid and eyewash.
  • Tool cabinet to provide extra supplies for bathrooms and engine.
  • Triple axel bumper pull trailer.
  • Oil and filter disposal can be added.

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